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Bettella Società Agricola

Grandfather Angelo emigrated to Argentina and returned to Italy in 1885 began farming in Rovato in the province of Brescia with a hectare of land and a cow.
Years and generations passed, in the 1950s the Bettella farm was one of the largest in the province of Cremona. In the 1970s, Giuseppe, a twenty-year-old student, and his cousin Mario, insurer, grandchildren of grandfather Angelo, saw a possible business future in the pig farm.

The idea finally materialized in 2010, when we began to raise pigs without haste, take care of the details in the different productions and know how to wait by opting for prolonged aging.
In this way the pigs of the Azienda Agricola Bettella are reared for 2 years, and the hams obtained are aged for over 5, thus giving rise to high quality cured meats, mostly using all the parts of the pig as in the past . A non-industrial and speculative perspective but entirely oriented towards excellence.

Il Maiale Tranquillo®, a registered trademark, was created precisely to give an eloquent name and a clear identification to a 100% sustainable philosophy. Consequently, the target can only focus on a niche, from prestigious shops to haute cuisine with starred chefs at the level of Paul Bocuse. A clientele that believes in the value of a company itself, beyond any logic of price.