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Bruno Ribadi

Bruno Ribadi was born in Cinisi. He was a brilliant boy with a deep curiosity for the world around him. After the tragic loss of his parents, he was welcomed to the abbey of Benedictines where a Belgian monk, during one of his class, saw Bruno and noticed his innate talent for chemistry. The young boy has never studied but he proved himself so capable and smart that he was chosen to assist the monk with beer brewing.


Fascinated by the discovery of fermentation process of cereal grains and brewing process, when Bruno came of age, he decided to leave the abbey and to travel uncovering the secrets of the best beers. In Prague, pretending to be a reporter from a known magazine, he interviewed famous brew masters with the aim of uncovering more secrets as possible.
During one of these interviews he met the famous Hubertek Morszynsky, who asked Bruno to join him in his laboratory experiments in India. Here, Bruno learnt the secrets of spices and meditation.

 Having lost interest in ascetic life, he next joined a group of English musicians and decided to follow them to London. He kept on experimenting with new techniques in a small brewery while earning a living as a bus driver. One day, while driving, he recognized the Belgian monk from Cinisi who was in London for a short break. Bruno began to tell him about his travels and the details of his experiments. The monk was so interested in these stories that he decided to invite Bruno to Belgium to talk about his discoveries. In the abbey, his long talk – held in a language full of words from all over Europe – was a success and he was proclaimed brew master.

 After leaving Belgium he came back to Sicily where he would have liked to open his own brewery, but Bruno was an explorer and his desire to travel was too strong to stay there for a long time, so he decided to resume. Nobody’s heard from him since then. There is only a diary with the story of his travels and his secret recipes discovered in the laboratories of the greatest brew masters in the world.