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Stutz & Pfister

Andrea Pfister and Simone Stutz left Switzerland in the early 90s and settled in the Langa, in Mobaldone (AT). They take their two young children with them, they aim to break away from the rhythms of the city, get back in touch with nature, raise goats and make cheese.
And since the children grow up, as we often say, today Jerome and Ramon manage the farm started by their parents: Azienda Agricola Stutz. Or rather, they still manage it all together.

The Stutz family manages the entire production chain, starting from the breeding: about 250 goats of the Camosciata breed and a few heads of the native Capra di Roccaverano graze free on the meadows owned by the Langa hills for 8 months per year, they feed on grass, shrubs and leaves.

In winter they eat hay instead, thus arriving at the traditional dry period and obviously with new births. The company processes only the milk of its own flock, strictly raw, therefore, in the grazing season, and therefore from March-April to October-November, the Robiola produced with only raw goat's milk becomes a Slow Food Presidium.