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Maldon salt is produced with a unique method: temperature and processing times are art for the company. The gentle heat reveals the secret of water, while expert hands take care of each batch. It is the traditional methods and ancient techniques handed down for centuries that make Maldon salt unique.

For four generations, the master salt producers have hand-picked the natural pyramid-shaped crystals, which have become Maldon's trademark. The Osborne family has been producing high quality salt for a century. In short, a very long time and a large amount of salt for a family that is the guardian of an ancient culinary tradition, as well as the creator of a brand recognized throughout the world.

In 2010 Her Majesty the Queen visited the Maldon salt flats. Two years later, the company was granted the Royal Mandate of official sea salt suppliers, thus becoming a member of the Royal Academy Of Culinary Arts, the most renowned professional association of chefs, pastry chefs, managers and suppliers of restaurants.
An association that deals with educating and training new generations who want to enter the restaurant industry.