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La Bottera

La Botterà is a family-run farm that transforms its cow, goat and sheep milks into quality cheeses without using preservatives.
Production of local cheeses with the use of flowers, herbs, leaves and even tubers such as the langhe truffle.

The company "La Bottera" is located in a fertile and irrigated plain, located between the soft hills of the Langhe and the extreme slope of the Bisalta, sheltered and protected by those hills, quiet and peaceful. .
Here time seems to have stopped. As a hundred years ago, they use only the thick and creamy milk of their cows, selected from the best and fed with the good grass of these areas, fresh and uncontaminated in summer, transformed into fragrant hay in winter, an unmistakable fragrance which makes milking so rich and its product so good, particularly suitable for dairy art.

Their grandparents already knew this, who every morning collected the cream that rose to the surface and produced butter and tume; who learned to mix that thick and sweet milk with the harsher but equally noble milk of the sheep and the goat; who discovered the poetry of the marriage between their cheeses and the precious truffle offered by the woods.

Those secrets were above all the great inheritance left to their children, who, passing it on in a whisper, in the long winter evenings like a fairy tale, have brought it to us. With the same love and the same passion, Bottera today produces cheeses according to that tradition.

Even the aging follows ancient rules, in those same tuff cellars, fresh and healthy with a constant temperature, where they place the cheeses one by one on raw cotton sheets, and patiently wait for their complete ripening.
The packaging is absolutely manual and every single cheese is placed in jars and covered with pure olive oil, or labeled, by expert hands who weigh it and check it to verify that it is perfect.

For this reason their production is limited, subject to the quantity of milk offered to us by the cows, to the more or less favorable weather conditions, to the seasoning, to the time of care and attention that each piece requires. To their traditional production method, their craftsmanship, their wisdom, today they combine advanced microbiological and qualitative controls on milk, to guarantee, in addition to the goodness and naturalness of the product, also that safety that did not exist a hundred years ago. This combination of past and present, this rare fusion of ancient and modern, this respect for tradition with an eye to the future is what makes La Bottera special and different from all other companies.