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Quattro Portoni

The Gritti Bruno e Alfio Agricultural Company is located in an ancient farmhouse and on the surrounding grounds that extend to the borders of the Parco del Serio in the territory of Cologno al Serio (BG). Here they grow fodder for their beloved buffaloes. This is where Quattro Portoni products are born.

In 2005 the project for a company dairy and a shop open to the public was born with the aim of enhancing the precious buffalo milk and the idea of ​​launching a complete range of cheeses linked to the Po Valley tradition but enriched by the unrepeatable characteristics of BUFFALO MILK.

Thus was born the CASEIFICIO QUATTROPORTONI with the support and enthusiasm of two young cheesemakers with fresh degrees in dairy processing and the irreplaceable contribution technologist of an expert technologist.

2006 is the year of the inauguration of the CASEIFICIO QUATTROPORTONI and of the company shop that offers customers more than 15 types of fresh, semi-seasoned, seasoned cheeses and yoghurt all strictly derived from milk BUFFALO from our breeding.