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Sommariva is a family-run farm that for over 104 years has handed down the values ​​of the family, craftsmanship and culture from generation to generation in its mill in Albenga. Love and respect for the land are the philosophy that has accompanied the work of the Sommariva family since 1915, now in its fifth generation, made of passion and commitment to transforming the wonderful fruits of the Ligurian land.

The production of the Sommariva oil takes place in the proprietary oil mill and is mainly dedicated to the Taggiasca Monocultivar extra virgin olive oil and also to other typical Ligurian products. Like pickled olives or organic Genoese pesto or artichokes in oil. Not to mention the Centa Caviar and the Anchovy Cream and many others.

The extra-virgin olive oil "must", cold pressed, "Cru Muela", pickled olives, organic Genoese pesto, creams, preserves and many specialties of the old Ligurian cuisine are handcrafted with raw materials almost all from the farm of the Sommariva family, one of the first in Italy to obtain the organic certification in 1972. The absence of chemical additives and preservatives guarantee unparalleled quality and authenticity.

The Sommariva company produces "healthy and fair" products but also GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN products to meet the needs of all customers.

Today the farm is led by Agostino Sommariva, two-time world champion of sailing, by his wife Anna and his children Alice and Gabriele.

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