Customer care

Asaro Industria Ittica

The modern technologies in use at the AsaroSeaFood factories guarantee the highest product quality standards. The controlled temperature processing environments constantly ensure the best conservation. We also take care of the direct and personal relationship with suppliers, fishermen, shipowners and companies, thus ensuring the traceability and traceability of the products sold.

Our strengths:

careful selection of sources of supply;

constant monitoring during all processing phases;

aseptic environments in compliance with hygiene standards;

application of protocols and self-control plans (HACCP) on

structures, equipment and vehicles;

continuous attention to staff training, to ensure

highly qualified professional figures.

The attention of AsaroSeaFood for the quality and traceability of the product, from the boat to the sales counter, intends to offer the guarantee of food safety by involving the whole supply chain, at every stage of food production, processing and distribution.