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La Nicchia

The history of the La Nicchia company is a history with distant roots in time and places. Roots that sink into the land of an island in the middle of the sea, far from everything ...

In 1949 Antonio Bonomo and Girolamo Giglio began the activity of the Capperificio in Pantelleria but, with the disappearance of the founders , the sons of Antonio and Girolamo collected the memory of the hard and precious work of their fathers and handed it into the hands of Gabriele Lasagni, who decided to deepen the study and research on the raw materials that Pantelleria contains, and which today directs with passion La Nicchia.

After more than sixty years, the company is the only Pantelleria company to be an Agricultural Company, Capperificio and Artigianale Laboratory.
Today "La Nicchia" continues to express its enhancement of a territory through an image and a name evocative of something to be preserved with care and dedication. It does not offer typical products of the island, but presents the selection of the best raw materials from our fields, processed in the simplest possible way and respected in their uniqueness.