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Liquorificio Artigianale Il Re dei Re

Il Re dei Re Artisan Liquorificio is a young company that was born in 2012 in Tuscany, immediately distinguished by the particularity, high quality and care for the packaging of its range of products.

The search for raw materials is obsessive. All components come from carefully selected manufacturers over time. Lemons and oranges from a specific area of Sicily, bergamot, licorice, cedars from small Calabria producers and medicinal herbs from small local farms.
All the products of the Liquorificio are made through traditional work, craftsmanship in the true sense of the word.

The infusion recipes referred to by "Il Liquorificio Re dei Re" originate from secrets kept in an ancient monastery.

"We don't have a great history behind us, but after all, history always comes from a present".