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Guido Castagna

From the choice of cocoa beans to the final packaging, the Guido Castagna Natural Method is based on the ethical principle of respect for nature and for the work of the human being. The best cocoa in the world is purchased by personally visiting the producer cooperatives making sure that they respect people's work and do not exploit child labor.

After a month of travel the cocoa beans arrive in the Giaveno laboratory where they rest for three months. Subsequently, the beans suitable for processing are selected by hand, choosing only those that have the highest purity.
In this phase the bacterial load of the peel is reduced, the humidity is removed from the cocoa beans and the reaction of Maillard, necessary for the definition of the taste of the future chocolate. Sixty minutes: this is the time required for a low-temperature processing that enhances the aromatic base of the cocoa.
After pre-refining and conching, the tempered and molded chocolate in blocks matures for six months at a controlled temperature to mitigate the sour taste typical of natural products, without the help of salts to the detriment of aromas.

The Guido Castagna laboratory is like a shop, where everyone gives their contribution, learns, grows and helps to keep alive the values ​​they believe in. A unique team that believes in the wonder of chocolate, made according to natural principles.

"The timing of our work is dictated by cocoa. It is he who decides when to release its best aromas. It is up to us alone to know how to listen to it and seize the right moment to start with production. At that point the magic clicks.

How many times have we tried and tasted to find the best compromise of taste. How many times in all these years have we made mistakes, encountered difficulties and obstacles. How many things we had to invent to get what we wanted. In the end, our effort was recognized. "