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Suntory is Japan's premier whiskey company, respected in its homeland and beyond. Its origin dates back to 1923, when Shinijro Torii built Japan's first malt whiskey distillery near the capital Kyoto. The venue was chosen for the excellent environmental conditions, similar to those of the Scottish tradition, which it was able to offer for the aging of distillates: crystal clear water, diversified climates and high humidity. Suntory whiskeys reflect the Japanese philosophy of humility, harmony and precision.

On the company's website there is a sentence that encompasses these principles: "The art of whisky-making must always follow the art of nature", the art of whiskey making must always follow the art of nature. In other words, Japanese whiskey artisans add and take nothing away from the perfection of nature, working in harmony with it and capturing the beauty of every single ingredient.

Quality, first of all, affects those who prepare it to meet the Suntory philosophy: the heirs of the founder Torii have continued the artisan tradition with respect and love for nature, making it a sacred ritual. The fermentation and aging processes constitute the path towards qualitative perfection, which is the basis of whiskeys with a balanced and soft structure, surrounded by sweet aromatic bouquets.

In addition to having collected several medals for their whiskeys in competitions international, for the fourth time, the distillery was awarded in 2014 with the title of "Distiller of the Year" in the ISC, a confirmation of its rare and precious value.