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In business since 1842, Cadenhead's was immediately an importer of large quantities of Rum barrels for the European market, so much so that in the mid-1900s it became the owner of the largest stock of Demerara Rum barrels.

Basically Cadenhead's is a Broker who buys large batches of Rum barrels from various distilleries in the Caribbean which then imports to England and leaves them to age in their warehouses, to resell them to various independent selectors / bottlers (just to mention the Italians: MoonImport, SilverSeal , Samaroli, etc ...).

Cadenhea's as well as a great Broker is also an independent bottler so from time to time it selects a few barrels from its cellars for its labels which are the Green Label (selected barrels and at 46%) and Dated Distillation (casks selected and left Cask Strength, that is their natural strength).

The fact that Cadenhead's are lucky enough to be able to choose the rum for its own bottlings from a cellar full of thousands of barrels is perhaps a sufficient explanation to justify the very high quality of their products.

Cadenhead's, a Scottish property, is still a company run in a simple and essential family way that manages to get its bottlings out at more than competitive prices compared to the competition.