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Fattorie Fiandino

Taste, Passion and Tradition.

These are the meadows on the slopes of the Stura Valley, in the mornings before dawn breaks out on the horizon, the maternal scent of milk and the first glance at a new curd. These are the moments of every day that, over time, have become everyday life, custom and centuries later, the history and values ​​of the Fiandino family.

A farm, which does not forget its eighteenth-century origins when Stefano Fiandino preferred the Occitan Alpine mountains to Milan and here he started the first cow breeding. In the pastures of the Stura Valley, the cattle found their first home and the Fiandinos were instructed by Nature, who taught them the times and ways of living the territory and dairy production.
Getting good milk, producing excellent cheese and butter, learning about the cycle of life and letting yourself be guided by the seasons became the secrets passed on to subsequent generations together with the love for a job with great sacrifices but with unique satisfactions.

Living in Nature thus took root in the depths of the Fiandino, which became the family ethics and, by virtue of this, the reason for all their future decisions. So much so that in 1920 Magno Fiandino decided to renew the dairy production, expand it and give it that house which today is known as Fattorie Fiandino in Villafalletto. A controlled supply chain of local breeders, a real "village" where qualified personnel take care of the cattle of the Azienda Agricola Fiandino and where Egidio and Mario Fiandino continue the tradition and, even more, ride the future following new paths and a production philosophy devoted to well-being.

Egidio and Mario Fiandino are a story whose roots are traditions and rhythms of life which, in turn, rest among the peaks of the Stura Valley once and, today, in the pastures around Villafalletto.
Each of their choices is the result of values ​​learned from a solid family history and passed on to every single employee of the dairy. It is no coincidence that we fall in love with Fattorie Fiandino and the stories about individual products, which Egidio and Mario know how to present as contemporary fairy tales. The Fiandinos believed in the family heritage, Milk, to provide professionals in the sweet and savory art with exceptional products such as cheeses from the Kinara range and Butter 1889. First and foremost the cheeses to which Fattorie Fiandino has dedicated a complete line to vegetable rennet. Different in seasoning and flavor, tome and Kinara® not only know how to enrich Italian tables with a healthy and genuine product, but become ingredients of excellence for the dishes of chefs, pastry chefs and ice cream makers who want to conquer with recipes that are unique in taste and in the aromatic facets.

Chefs, master ice cream makers but also important pastry chefs have been able to enhance not only these cheeses but also the great 1889 butters from rested cream, total expression of Fiandino's raw material, that is the milk that is a source of inspiration for unique creations. Entering the world of Fiandino means, even more, embracing a point of view and a way of life that has Nature as its fixed points on its simplicity and passion, values ​​and family traditions as ethics.