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Zambon Vulcano Azienda Agricola

Umberto Born in 1907, he had energy to spare. Everything was born from his hands. His father planted the first vines that still bear fruit today in the historic Le Cervare vineyard. His son Bruno is the one who built the current cellar and enlarged our estate between the municipalities of Roncà and Gambellara.

Nella, born in 1920, he knew how to give voice to dreams. Together they gave birth to our farm.
From them, from son to son, it came to Federico, who began his experimentation journey in 2006 and in 2015 gave life to the great volcano project together with his father Roberto and his timeless grandfather Bruno.

The beauty of the present, in the green hills, in which a luxuriant valley is wedged; a wonderful corner in the extreme east of Verona. A county where valleys, woods, minerals and archaeological sites meet vineyards. The altitudes of the vineyards reach almost 600 meters in height and the silences of a land untouched by industries reign to satisfy all the senses, exalted by a power that has been simmering for millions of years, to offer us today the supreme goodness of volcanic wine.

In the beginning was the ocean warm and vital; and they were three volcanoes, which forged the shapes of our hills: Duello, Calvarina, Crocetta.
Three ones that we still recognize today, from the shapes and their soils. Each of these offers its own native (and non-native) Garganega and Durella grapes and its own unique wines of great character.
Here geology meets the history of the Zambon family.