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Manifattura Italiana Spiriti

The adventure of Manifattura Italiana Spiriti was born in a journey in Scotland. Four dreamers with their feet firmly planted on the ground, engaged in as many professional sectors, returned from the land of Whiskey with a great conviction: it was time to make a change in their lives. The idea was there, and it was to transform the passion for distillates into an entrepreneurial reality. Courage was not lacking, combined with the profound conviction of wanting to write a new chapter in the history of distillation, starting from two pillars such as the pursuit of excellence and the enhancement of tradition.

This is how the craft distillery in Varese was born, which sees the distillation process as the protagonist, with a traditional approach that does not require steam heating typical of industrial production. The distillates of Manifattura Italiana Spiriti are born thanks to a slow journey in the name of craftsmanship and dexterity, they are not filtered and are bottled by hand. Peculiarities that allow you to easily control the still, producing even small batches in reduced times.

Each surplice is a work of art: natural, noble and one of a kind.