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Ciro Flagella

Ciro Flagella. The tomato, purity never tried before. A journey through which it is possible to discover the human charge of the Flagella family and the irrefutable quality of a raw material that seduces us at first glance.

Authenticity signed by the Ciro Flagella company, for the redest of flavors, the tomato. A reality that smacks of Italian style, tradition, love, respect for quality and nature.
Tasting the products of the tomato canned company Ciro Flagella, from peeled tomatoes to passata, from datterini tomatoes to cherry tomatoes or tomato jam, is like discovering the heart of Italy that it produces and loves. New taste experiences capable of transporting us from the Apulian sunshine, production area, to Castel di Sangro (AQ), processing area.

The view navigates the deep, voluptuous, warm and enveloping red of its nature. The sense of smell follows the harmony of the aromas that introduce the taste and the palate is simply entranced by the sweetness, by the gentle acidity, by the freshness of the tomatoes. An ode of liquid sound essence made body and matter between the embrace of nature and man. Favorite raw material of the most renowned chefs for their signature dishes. A taste that awakens the memory, fil rouge that, in the combinations with the other ingredients, enhances the typicality and seasonality.

It is like telling the agri-food history of our country, at least in part, in a summary of quality and sensations.
A work, that of the Flagella family, "artisanal", where attention to detail not only makes the difference, but makes every single tomato the absolute protagonist of every package, an emblem of taste in every dish.
Technique and wisdom, nature and passion in an effective synergy that distinguishes the workmanship.

Tomatoes rigorously selected by hand, must correspond to strict criteria including integrity and fleshiness, for no less than 8 centimeters of red splendor. This is followed by careful washing in tanks, the scalding and peeling, always by hand. Once closed with the respective capsules, cooking in a bain-marie for about an hour will transform them into the peeled Ciro Flagella. A precious work of art, the result of manual work dictated by experience and dedication: once the tomatoes have been chosen, they are cooked, ground and placed in pots. Operation which is always followed by cooking in a bain marie. The result is a product with a rich and soft intensity, veiled in originality and harmony.

100% made in Italy and care according to precise rules, this is the only way to have a product that lives up to expectations that gives the consumer a purity never experienced before. You can savor the taste of the tomato in its entirety enlivened by the uniqueness of the Ciro Flagella company, love for timeless goodness.