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Blu Muscat forma 1kg

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The crust, with its typical greyish color, is slightly moist due to the contact with the Moscato Passito marc, which also visually connotes this cheese due to the presence of berries.

From soft to crumbly depending on aging, light cream in color crossed by the typical blue veins of blue cheeses.

The flavor is intense, savory and pleasantly fatty, never spicy, with aromatic notes of dried fruit. The residues of the pomace, with a strong sugar content, give the cheese an unexpected and surprising sweet taste, which, accompanied by the aromatic notes of Moscato, transform it into a sort of dessert.

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Pasteurized whole buffalo milk, salt, rennet, Moscato Passito grape marc.
kind of cheese
Formaggio da taglio
Min. 90 days
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