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Great Kinara 1 Kg

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Gran Kinara is a hard cheese for table and grating, with vegetable rennet, without preservatives, without lysozyme, but above all without lactose.

The Fiandino Farms were the first in the world to have introduced the Kinara method which involves the use of Cynara cardunculus flowers, a common wild thistle that also grows spontaneously in the Piedmontese mountains and is able to transform into real vegetable rennet.

The use of rennet, especially the vegetable one, contributes in a decisive way to the "zero lactose" of the Gran Kinara and to provide original and pleasant organoleptic characteristics.

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Approximate weight of the package 900g - 1100g

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Villafalletto (CN)
Production area
Latte vaccino, sale siciliano, caglio vegetale (Cynara cardunculus).
Senza lattosio e senza conservanti, Caglio Vegetale
Minimo 12 mesi
Peso indicativo
900 g - 1100 g
Metodo di conservazione
Prodotto sottovuoto, conservare in frigorifero da 0° a + 4°

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