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Robiola di Roccaverano DOP

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It’s a soft cheese, 100% goat's milk or goat/bovine, handcrafted in the territory located in the hills around the village of Roccaverano (AT), in Piedmont. The origins of Roccaverano robiola date back to the Celts, who settled in Liguria and began to produce a cheese similar to the current product. The robiola of Roccaverano is also mentioned in the chronicles of the year 1000. It was with the advent of the Romans that this cheese took the name of rubeola, from the Latin ruber, a term used to indicate the red color taken from the crust at the end of seasoning.  


Latte caprino crudo, caglio animale, sale.
kind of cheese
Pasta molle
Almeno 20 giorni

Slow food presidium

Perhaps not everyone knows that Roccaverano - the cheese produced on the rugged and uncultivated hills of the Asti Langa - is the only historic goat cheese in Italy and the only one worthy of confronting the famous chèvres from beyond the Alps. Not only that, for now the Roccaverano is also the only goat to have obtained the Protected Designation of Origin. And with the PDO the name was institutionalized. Before, the cheese was just cheese.

But if the name "Roccaverano" has been generally accepted, the historical producers have not surrendered to the rules of a specification that allows Roccaverano to be made with 50% cow's or sheep's milk and the remaining percentage of goat's milk. A specification that allows the production of a historic goat with only half of goat's milk.

Fortunately, some breeders-cheesemakers have continued to produce robiole as they did a hundred, two hundred years ago.

If eaten fresh, the Roccaverano robiola offers a simple organoleptic picture: good sensations of yogurt, green grass, hazelnut are perceived on the nose. While in the mouth this cheese has an extraordinary persuasiveness and flavor. With aging, slight hints of ircini develop and the aromas tend more to the aromatic of the lawn and wild plants. The taste is enriched with spicy and musky nuances and becomes long and enveloping in the final mouth. Roccaverano is also excellent aged and put in oil. The ideal combination includes a white wine with good structure.

Nutritional values ​​for 100 g of product:

- Energy value 241 kcal / 1011 kj

- Total fat 19.48 g

- Unsaturated fatty acids 5.19 g

- Carbohydrates 1.47 g

-of which sugars 1.47 g

- Crude proteins 13.85 g

- Salt 1.03 g

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