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Provola affumicata di Napoli 1kg

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Provola Napoli by Latteria Sorrentina is the result of an artisanal milk processing following the ancient dairy tradition of Campania. Smoked provola is a stretched curd cow's milk cheese, a specialty produced throughout the Campania region that shares the production techniques and its antiquity with mozzarella. Unlike mozzarella it can be stored for a longer time.

The aromatic flavor of smoking offers a sensory taste experience that makes this semi-hard cheese unique.


Pasteurized MILK, lactic ferments, salt, rennet
Peso indicativo
Metodo di conservazione
Store at a temperature not exceeding + 4 ° C

Nutritional values:
Energy Kcal: 270 Energy Kj: 1129 Fat g: 20.2 Saturated fatty acids g: 14 Carbohydrates g: 1.8 Sugar g: 1.8 Fiber g: 0 Proteins g: 20.2 Salt g: 1.11

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