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Culatta with bone seasoned 12 months

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Culatta di Salumi Montali is produced by selecting the high and leaner back part of the pig's thighs. It is a very fine cut, which is why it represents one of the most excellent cured meats in the Parma delicatessen.
After being trimmed, it takes on the pear shape that characterizes it, it is dry salted and left to rest for the time necessary to allow the salt to penetrate naturally.
Finally, the part not covered by rind is sprinkled with suet.
The maturation continues in the cellars, in the case of Montali in a stone cellar, where the Culatta naturally acquires the intense aroma and delicate taste that distinguishes it.

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Approximate weight 4.5/5 kg

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Riano di Langhirano, Parma
Swine thigh, salt
12 months
100 % Pig born and bred in Italy
Indicative weight
4.5/5 kg

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