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Purple Shrimp of Mazara del Vallo of 3 ^ 1Kg

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Beyond the scientific name, to make the red shrimp different from the purple one is the coloring of the fertile eggs present in the gonads, which in the shrimp are found under the carapace, near the head. «In red prawns the eggs take on a black color, which some, wrongly, mistake for a clue of the" old age "of the catch. In purple prawns, on the other hand, the presence in the eggs of a particular pigment, astaxanthin, produces the characteristic purple color, which is why PURPLE SHRIMP. The purple prawn meat is more delicate on the palate and with a greater consistency than the red prawn. As for the red prawn, it has a softer consistency but a more marked, almost intoxicating aroma and taste.

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Production area
Mazara del Vallo
1 kg
Frozen product
Purple prawn, antioxidant Melacide SC20 (composition E223, E301, E331, E450), Glazing: 0%
Quantità pz.
Metodo di conservazione
Store at or below -18 ° C, consume within 24 hours after thawing

Etichetta nutrizionale per 100 g di Gamberi

Valore energetico (calorie) 88,03 kcal

Proteine 20,10 g

Carboidrati 0,60 g

zuccheri 0 g

Grassi 0,57 g

saturi 0,13 g

Sodio/Sale  0,89 g

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