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Pantelleria salt of capers 1,2kg

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The Salt of Capers of La Nicchia is an explosion of taste and a wave of aromas, a taste of the sea and Sicily.

This precious product obtained from a fine quality of salt with the typical caper of Pantelleria, a fruit that in addition to being particularly aromatic, contains within it many beneficial and digestive properties.

The caper salt from La Nicchia shop is excellent for flavoring any summer dish, from rice, spelled or barley salads to cold dishes such as bresaola with rocket, roast beef or meat, tuna or fish tartare sword. Thanks to its fresh and energetic scent, the caper salt wonderfully flavours cold soups like gazpacho, giving a note of character.


Aging Potential
To flavor and flavor
100% sea salt
Sea salt flavored with capers
Peso Netto

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