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Saffron powder 0,3g sachet

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Saffron powder sachet of 0.3g.Each pack contains 3 sachets of 0.1g
Made with pure saffron stigmas (pistils)

The altitude and harsh climate of Opi di Fagnano Alto (L'Aquila) allow us to obtain excellent quality saffron, considered the best in the world.
The flowers and stigmas of saffron continue to be collected and extracted through meticulous manual work.
Abruzzo saffron is also characterized by the drying technique carried out on oak wood embers.
The red filaments extracted from the flowers are in fact placed on a sieve and left to dry over the embers in order to preserve the fragrance and aroma and to maintain that purple-red color that distinguishes the spice.


Hand picked, dried over oak wood embers
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