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Black cuttlefish Morocco

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Our cuttlefish are frozen on board and individually wrapped.

They are molluscs that boast considerable commercial and gastronomic value.

They colonize the whole planet but those of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean that belong to the species (sepia officinalis) are qualitatively the best prized.

They have lean meats and low in cholesterol and are particularly suitable for low-calorie diets having a high satiating power and very low energy density.

Item sold by weight, the price per kg appears above

Indicative weight of the package 4.5-5.5 kg

Frost product at -18 °

How to order
Being a variable weight product, before being able to proceed with the order it is necessary to request a quote. After receiving your request, we will quickly send you an email with the link to the order with product prices.
Seppia congelata (Sepia Officinalis)
Prodotto abbattuto a bordo e impacchettato singolarmente
Filosofia Produttiva
Pescato con reti da traino in Oceano Atlantico Centro-Orientale Zona FAO 34.
Molluschi e prodotti a base di molluschi
Peso indicativo
4,5-5,5 Kg
Metodo di conservazione
Conservare ad una temperatura non superiore ai -18° C, una volta scongelato non deve essere ricongelato ma conservato in frigorifero e consumato entro 24 ore previa cottura

Nutritional declaration for 100 g of product:

Energy 220 kj, 52 kcal Fats 0.3 g of which saturated fats 0.1 g Carbohydrates 1.4 g of which sugars 0.0 g Proteins 10.9 g Salt 2.2 g

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