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Molino Tamanini

The pleasure of doing things well, calmly, naturally. A bit like when you sharpen a scythe blade or dig a piece of wood with a chisel to make a small sculpture or decide to repair something with your own hands rather than throw it away. Since he was born in 1870 in Trentino, in Valsugana, Molino Tamanini has always worked like this: few things, but good; few words, but a lot of substance. Starting from the different corn flours for polenta, obviously, and from soft wheat flours, to which buckwheat flours, durum wheat semolina and, gradually, semi-finished products have been added over time (and always calmly) make white bread, 5-grain bread, wholemeal bread etc. Since 2000 Molino Tamanini has been part of Molino Merano and today, the story continues with new chapters, in which the protagonists, in addition to flour, are still the mountains, meadows, fir trees, roe deer ... The same spirit that is always “At work in Trentino since 1870”.

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