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In 1998 Luciano Brotto, in partnership with his son Nicola, founded the “CentoPerCento”. Located on the Treviso hills, in the locality of Montello, the headquarter is in a historical and landscape context of absolute importance.

Luciano, son of an industrialist who has carried on the ultra-centennial family tradition in the spirits sector, is is transformed into a researcher-innovator to give added value to the inherited "elaborates", strongly rooted in the Venetian culture.
His distillates are different from the traditional ones because the conception of his grappas is modern and the innovative processes are original and exclusive of workmanship conceived by himself.
All productions are designed for a young, highly motivated consumer with an international taste, with particular attention to the female consumer. A research therefore aimed at broadening the range of lovers of local distillate.
In its way of producing and proposing itself on the market, the "CentoPerCento" is in symbiosis between the quality of its products and the elegant image with which they are introduce yourself. The restricted range of spirits and the limited quantity of production further qualify the production.