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Tenute Pieralisi

The Tenute Pieralisi farm was born in 2012 from the precise will of the Pieralisi family to put their estates at the center of agricultural activities, starting from the enhancement of the splendid vineyards and olive groves.

This will gave life to an innovative and ambitious project characterized by a new vision of agriculture and land management. All the choices made, from the conversion to organic farming to the new method of growing the vines, are functional to an enlightened viticulture, in which the pursuit of excellence passes through the sustainability of the work that is done to achieve it.

The attachment to the land and the territory and the passion for innovation have guided the journey of our family since Adeodato Pieralisi, in 1888, founded the first workshop for the maintenance of agricultural machinery.

Thanks to land particularly suited to agriculture and cutting-edge processing aimed at guaranteeing taste and quality, today we can boast a production of excellence, guided by the experience and passion of first-rate winemakers and master winemakers.

Guided by deep respect for the territory and for natural processes and by the belief that authenticity at the origin is the key to creating a quality product, we have decided to embark on the journey or towards organic farming certification and adherence to vegan wine policies.

In the cellar, the work of the technical staff, led by Carlo Ferrini, is mainly oriented towards safeguarding and enhancing the typicality of the grapes produced in our vineyards, resorting exclusively to simple and never invasive oenological practices.
Carlo Ferrini, with his incredible technical and human baggage, interprets and enhances the peculiarities of our grapes with great simplicity and naturalness, creating emotional wines with unique, alternative organoleptic characteristics to modern wines with an increasingly standardized taste.