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ADAMAS® Exclusive Italian Caviar


ADAMAS® is the exclusive Italian caviar that represents the excellence of world fish farming.

ADAMAS® caviar is a formidable product thanks mainly to the water where these sturgeons are born and grow. The quality of the water is to aquaculture and caviar as the 'terroir' is to the vineyards and wine. Whoever has a favorable starting situation is much easier to obtain a high quality finished product.

Adamas is the brand of caviar produced by Salmo Pan srl, a breeding that boasts 3 generations of breeders, located in Pandino in the heart of the Tormo River Natural Park. This watercourse originates from numerous fountains (natural sources of water in the plain) that feed it throughout its course. It is an atypical river, in fact it originates in the plain and its waters come entirely from springs and springs (already mentioned in the medieval period as "flumen Turmum"). The water flows naturally from these fountains after being filtered by hundreds of meters of sand and gravel. Thanks to this natural filtering, the water comes out clear and crystalline, cool in summer and temperate in winter.
These characteristics make it ideal for the breeding of sturgeon and guarantee a constant production of caviar of the highest quality throughout the year. In addition to the purity of the water of the Tormo river, Salmo Pan has at its disposal 4 wells of untreated drinking water (thus defined by the European Community) from which it draws in case of drought of the Tormo to bring water throughout the farm, thus raising the level of water quality.