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The Garda Egg CO

The Garda Egg Co. " was born from Federica Bin's project, in a phase of her life characterized by an important change. A large, bright new house, with lots of land and cool woods, and, from a distance, the blue line of the lake. A peaceful landing after years of fast and intense rhythms. In that reassuring context, the desire to keep animals spontaneously emerged, obeying the feeling of returning to nature and the naturalness of things. 

Someone told her about the colored eggs, exceptional for their beauty and goodness, produced by hens of special breeds. And so, almost for fun, Federica Bin bought a dozen hens, captivated by the thought of those superior eggs increasingly requested by great chefs, pastry chefs and ice cream makers for their exceptional qualities.

At the end of your research you discovered that these real gourmet products come from virtuous farms, and are obtained from hens raised on the ground and outdoors in large spaces, fed exclusively with certified organic grains.

Having the ideal place available, and a sincere and growing passion, Federica Bin founded the farm "The Garda Egg Co." and she has embarked on the path of respect and love that distinguishes virtuous farms for the breeding of her hens. And the results were not long in coming. Every day the company, in clear evolution, expands its production, noting how difficult it is for anyone to resist the enchantment of the color of the super eggs which, in shades of brown, green and blue, offer a rich range of aromas and flavors.

The types present in each package are 8:

New Hampshire
Area of ​​origin: North east United States
Aroma and taste: Fresh, oily butter
Egg coloration: Reddish  

Cream Legbar
Area of ​​origin: United Kingdom
Aroma and taste: Vegetable, dense, warm
Egg color: Pale blue  

Area of ​​origin: French Atlantic coast
Aroma and taste: Scented wood, intoxicating, complete
Egg color: From medium brown to dark brown  

Millefiori di Lonigo
Area of ​​origin: Northern Italy
Aroma and taste: Robust, fleshy and compact
Egg color: From light pink to creamy white  

Area of ​​origin : Tuscany, Italy
Aroma and taste: Elegant, sweet, savory and complete
Egg color: White  

Olive Egger
Area of ​​origin: Peruvian hybrid
Aroma and taste: Balsamic herbs, Almond, Full-bodied
Egg color: Pale green  

Plymouth Rock
Area of ​​origin: United States
Aroma and taste: Lactic, dense, fleshy
Egg color: Light cream  

Area of ​​origin: Chilean Andes
Aroma and taste: Chervil, sweet and savory, warm, compact
Egg color: Blue or greenish