Customer care


Founded in the 50s of the last century, Conservas Lotamar is a company of humble and family origin that with the passage of time and the trust acquired among its customers, grew until it was necessary to move to a modern factory in Ramales de la Victoria (Cantabria), from where it supplies national and international markets.

The ancestral, current and future objective of Conservas Lotamar is the full satisfaction of the customer, maintaining his trust day after day and that, above all, the quality, presentation and artisanal processing of the anchovies of the Cantabrian.

The coasts of the Cantabrian Sea are rich in precious fish such as anchovy, so different from the Mediterranean one in size, pulp and intensity of taste. Once seasoned, for about 8 months after fishing, the fish is sent to the work surfaces for the further cleaning phases, the fin and terminal parts are eliminated. The fish is repeatedly washed, always in water and salt, to remove residual skin and scales and centrifuged for a total release of any oxidizing liquids still present.

The filleting is the moment in which the greatest experience is required on the part of the operator who will have to manually remove the bone, the cartilage residues and the connective tissue of the fish, leaving only two perfectly clean fillets. The fillets obtained are manually stowed in the final container and immersed in olive oil.